Complete Guide on How to Install Star ceiling lights

If you are like me that enjoys the magic of starry night on my ceiling, it’s time you install a star ceiling light (fiber optic light). Fibre optic lighting projects the night sky onto the ceiling, creating a relaxing mood lighting experience. It also creates a dreamy atmosphere, to help melt your daytime worries. Where … Read more

Electrical Safety for Your Workplace and Home

Though we all use electricity in our homes, we sometimes underrate the level of hazards it can cause. Electricity can pose serious threats, ranging from electric shocks to fire outbreaks. Even a household current of 120V can cause electrocution. However, you can prevent them by following electrical safety rules. The National Electrical Code recommends these … Read more

Top 7 Flush Mount Ceiling Light for your Home.

When it comes to led ceiling lights, most people prefer flush mounts to pendant lights. Though they do the same work to illuminate the house, flush mount ceiling lights add extra beauty to your home decor. Since it is not every day that you change light fixtures, you may find it hard to choose the … Read more

LED Ceiling Lights Fixtures for your Home.

As more people embrace led ceiling lights, I know you won’t be left out. Led products have many advantages over regular bulbs. It saves money and energy; it is also durable and more friendly to the environment. You will be missing some benefits if you are not using LED bulbs. In this article, I will … Read more

What is a PEX crimping tool used for?

A pex crimping tool is a tool used to join a pex pipe and its fitting. It is used to create a watertight seal during piping project by securing the crimp ring on your plastic pipe. Mariaelectricals has a wide selection of Pex crimping tools and copper crimp rings at affordable prices. Crimping methods is … Read more

House Electrical Wiring: Learn How to Wire a House Today.

House electrical wiring is a way of connecting electrical wires to related materials like switches, circuit breakers, sockets, distribution boards, light fixtures, and then linking them to a utility pole for a power supply. A licensed electrician who understands electrical diagrams and safety standards does this. During installations, he considers the electrical loads, operating voltage, … Read more

Top 9 Electrician Gloves for Hand Protection

Working in an electrical system requires electrician gloves and sleeves, this is to prevent electrical shock and other hazards. Electrician gloves play protective roles during installation and repairs and since it is the only barrier between you and electricity, buying a quality one is important. This article will reveal the best electrician gloves in the … Read more

What is Hipot Testing (Dielectric Withstand Test)?

Hipot testing, also called dielectric withstand test, is the direct application of high voltage to a device under test (DUT). This is to ensure that the device is standard and safe for use. During the test, a very high voltage is applied to the product insulator more than the current limit it will encounter during … Read more

zumimall Doorbell Overview and Installation Guide

A zumimall doorbell is a video doorbell designed to help you monitor your smart home while you are away. It is a smart doorbell that records the events and footage that happened at your front door so you can watch it from anywhere you are. Upgraded to 2k 3mp in the second half of 2022, … Read more