Physen Doorbell: How to Install and Pair the Bell Chime

While some people install video doorbells in their homes, others prefer non-video type like physen doorbells. If you are interested in buying a wireless, non-video doorbell that can withstand any cold or harsh weather, go for a physen wireless doorbell.  What is a physen doorbell? A Physen doorbell is a wireless doorbell made by Physen … Read more

zumimall Doorbell Overview and Installation Guide

A zumimall doorbell is a video doorbell designed to help you monitor your smart home while you are away. It is a smart doorbell that records the events and footage that happened at your front door so you can watch it from anywhere you are. Upgraded to 2k 3mp in the second half of 2022, … Read more

Ring Doorbell: How It Works and How to Install the App

With the increase in the number of burglars and porch pirates, you have no reason to joke with home security. As for monitoring the events at your front door, even when away, the Ring video doorbell has been our favorite. The ring is an internet-connected smart bell that signals the smartphone of the user when … Read more

Doorbell Overview: Wired, Wireless, and Smart video bells.

A doorbell is a signalling device comprising a transformer, chime and a push button. It is a security device that signals users when a visitor is at the front door. When the visitor presses the push button, the chime rings inside the house to alert users. In 1817, a Scottish inventor, William Murdoch, invented the first … Read more