Skybell HD Installation Guide, App Set-Up, and How to Troubleshoot Faulty Bells

From house burglars to strange visitors, there are more reasons to monitor what happens at your front door. If you are my type that likes knowing the person at the door without opening it, skybell HD is all you need.

A skybell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and also talk with your visitor even when you are not at home.

It is the eyes of the smart home that offer special protection you can trust.

Features of the smart bell

  • A high definition video that allows you to see your visitor for up to 1080p minutes, plus 5x zoom.
  • Live monitoring of your front door
  • Motion sensor that alerts you when a visitor is at your door, even without pressing the push button.
  • Free video recording which you can watch or download anytime, for reference.
  • A two-way system that allows you to hear and speak with your visitor.
  • Allows multiple users to receive notification alerts
  • Night vision to monitor your home, even at night.
  • A quiet mode that permits you to turn off your doorbell chimes from the app, so it won’t wake a baby.
  • Capture a picture of your visitor when they press the push button.
  • Theft guarantee.
  • Cloud storage for your reference.

How does a sky video bell works

The working principle of skybell is like that of a ring video doorbell.

When a visitor presses the push button, everyone connected to the doorbell gets a signal that someone is at the door. If you accept the signal, the video camera sends live video coverage to your smartphone so you can see and speak with the person.

Skybell installation

The installation is similar to that of a ring video doorbell. The only difference is that skybell can only be installed on a wired doorbell system, while ring doorbells can be on wired and wireless systems.

Below are the steps to install the video doorbell.

  • Turn off the power source from your circuit breaker,
  • Remove the existing doorbell and leave the wires exposed
  • Place the mounting plate on the wall or front door and mark where you will fix the screw
  • Drill holes in the marked points using a driller or screwdriver.
  • Pull the wires via the centre of the plate and tighten the plate firmly to the wall or door.
skybell installation
  • Lose the two screws on the left side of the plate and wrap the wires, one per each screw.
  • Attach the smart bell on the plate and make sure it fits in well.
  • Using your screwdriver, tighten the screw, and your doorbell is ready for use .

App download and set up.

Once you are through with the installation, download the sky app into your mobile device. Go to the app store for iPhone users or google play store for android users and download the app.

Install it, sign up, enter your email, password, name, and then tap the sign up button. Click on ‘add a new skybell’ and also tap on ‘ok let’s begin’ at the button.

Make sure your doorbell unit is flashing red and green. Else, you follow the instructions on the screen. But if everything is ok, tap the next button.

Minimize the app and go to settings. Select Wi-Fi if you are an iPhone user or Wi-Fi home network if you are using Android. Press the next button and enter your Wi-Fi password and continue, and that’s it.

Skybell led guide

The led colour of skybell shows the status of the bell. Below are the unique colours and their meanings.

  • Red / Green (alternating flash): Wi-Fi access point mode
  • Blue / Green (alternating flash): Connected to Wi-Fi, waiting for server connection.
  • Red / Blue (alternating flash): Battery is charging, please wait
  • Blue / Yellow (alternating flash): Firmware update in progress, please wait.
  • Yellow (rapid flash): Factory reset
  • Blue (rapid flash): Power cycle
  • Orange (rapid flash): No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Red (rapid flash): Power supply issue
  • Green (rapid flash): Entering troubleshooting mode
  • Yellow (solid): Starting up
  • Green (solid): Ready and working fine.
  • White (solid): In call mode.

Skybell troubleshooting

When your doorbell goes offline, check the led light colour to find out the status of the device.

If it is fully connected, the colour should be solid green, or the colour chosen by the user.

If your smart bell is offline in your app or not working properly, follow these steps to revive the doorbell.

  • Check the power source to make sure it is ok. Go through the plate to see if there is any push in or wrapping that is causing the problem. You can also test your transformer using a voltage meter to find out the cause.
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi network is working fine
  • Make sure that your sky app version is up to date or you update it.
  • Restart your video bell
  • Check your wireless interference
  • Restart your router/modem.
  • Check your bandwidth.

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