About Us

Welcome to mariaelectricals.com, your number one source of reliable information on electrical and electronics.

Launched in 2016, maria electrical is dedicated to sharing in-depth pieces of content to help students, researchers, and technicians.

Our content is educational, relevant, and also written by an expert.

We cover a wild range of topics in electrical and electronics, we also specialize in house wiring and maintenance of electrical appliances.


  • To create quality and reliable information for electrical and electronics engineers.
  • To make maria electrical a second home for students, researchers, and engineers.

About the founder

Mariaelectricals.com is founded by emmanuel nwankwo but managed by Engineer Chidi Ikeh

Engineer Chidi Ikeh is an electrical engineer, he has a B.eng from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

With his wealth of experience, he will make this portal second to none with reliable electrical pieces of information.


I dedicate this website to electrical students, researchers, and well wishers.


You can contact us through a phone number or email address.

Our phone number is +2348067744127

Email: mariaelectricals30@gmail.com