Electrical Safety: What You Need To Know Before Working On Your Home’s Wiring

Though we all use electricity in our homes, we sometimes underrate the level of hazards it can cause. Electricity can pose serious threats, ranging from electric shocks to fire outbreaks. Even a household current of 120V can cause electrocution. However, you can prevent them by following electrical safety rules. The National Electrical Code recommends the … Read more

The Complete Guide to LED Lighting Fixtures, and Why They are the Future of Home Lighting.

From the old normal bulbs to LED ceiling lights, the future belongs to LED products. Sure, LED lights have more advantages than normal light bulbs. It saves energy and money. It is also more durable and friendly to the environment. You will miss some benefits if you are not using LED lights. At mariaelectricals.com, we … Read more

Top 5 Pex Pliers for your Plumbing Work

As a plumber, using the right pex tool makes plumbing work easier. Pex crimping tools compress copper rings to secure pipes and their fittings. This creates a watertight seal on your pipes, preventing leakage. Pex pliers come in varying sizes for both your DIY and professional projects. Since quality crimpers lead to a better seal, … Read more

How to Wire a 4-way Light Switch

In our last lesson, we learned how to wire a 3-way light switch. Today in our electrical wiring tutorial, we shall look at the 4-way switch wiring. Wiring a four-way switch is easy if you are familiar with three-way switch wiring. It is just an addition of a 4-way switch in-between the 3-way switches. Multi-way … Read more

How to Wire a 3-Way Light Switch.

A 3-way switch wiring or multi-way switching allows you to control one ceiling light from two different locations. It is the interconnection of two or more switches. Three-way switches are useful in hallways and large rooms as you can toggle ON/OFF the lights from both ends. But unlike a single-pole dimmer, installing a multi-way light … Read more

Light Switch Wiring: The Complete Guide.

Welcome to mariaelectricals.com. In this article, you will learn how to wire a light switch. Both single-pole, two-way, and dimmer switches. Though it is the work of licensed electricians to wire a house and electrical outlets, you can still do some simple installations such as light switch wiring. Wiring a light switch is one of … Read more

The Complete Guide on How to Wire a House.

House electrical wiring is a way of connecting wires to related devices like switches, circuit breakers, sockets, distribution boards, and then linking them to a utility pole, for power supply. A licensed electrician who understands electrical diagrams and safety standards does this. During installations, he considers the loads, operating voltage, and national electrical code requirements … Read more

The 9 Best Insulated Work Gloves for Electricians

Working in an electrical system requires an electrician glove and sleeve, this is to prevent electric shock and other hazards. Electrician gloves offer hand protection against abrasions, burns, arc flashes, puncture wounds, and electrocution. It also protects you from hazardous substances such as chemicals. Since glove is the only barrier between you and high voltage, … Read more