House Earthing, The Importance and How to Earth your Building.

From electric shocks to lightning protection, there are more reasons to earth your house. House earthing connects the neutral points of an electrical system to the ground. And since the electrical potential of the earth is zero, connecting any appliances to the earth also zeros their potential. Reasons why we earth our houses To bring … Read more

Ground Fault Circuits Interrupters (GFCI) and How It Works.

Ever since the introduction of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in 1973, deaths from electrical shock reduced by 83%. The GFCI outlet or residual current drive (RCD) is a fast-acting circuit breaker that shuts off power once it senses a ground-fault. The breaker works by comparing the input and output current from electrical appliances. When the input … Read more

Doorbell Ringer or Ring Doorbell, How It Works and Their Installation Guide

If you’re the type that doesn’t joke with home security, consider installing a ring doorbell. Although it is the cheapest among the ring video products, the doorbell ringer has outstanding features that make it the best. Features of a doorbell ringer (ring doorbell)  If you’re considering the Ring Video Doorbell, here are their features. 720p … Read more

Doorbell Types

A doorbell is a signalling device comprising a transformer, chime and a push button. It is a security device that signals us with the presence of a visitor. When a visitor presses the push button, the chime rings inside the house to inform you that someone is around. In 1817, a Scottish inventor, William Murdoch, invented … Read more

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