Why is my Outlet Sparking When I Plug in Appliance

As a homeowner, I know you sometimes witness an outlet spark when you plug in an appliance. While it is common and mostly harmless, it can be an early sign of electrical problems. This article will pinpoint the major causes of outlet sparking, and how to fix it. Read on for complete details. What is … Read more

Open Hot Outlet Explained! Causes and How to Fix the Circuit.

Every cable in an electrical system contains three wires, the hot, neutral and ground wire. These wires are responsible for the transmission of electricity, and protection against ground fault. When an outlet is labelled as an open hot outlet by an electrician or inspector, it means that the hot wire is disconnected. This article will explain … Read more

Physen Doorbell: How to Install and Pair the Bell Chime

While some people install video doorbells in their homes, others prefer non-video type like physen doorbells. If you are interested in buying a wireless, non-video doorbell that can withstand any cold or harsh weather, go for a physen wireless doorbell.  What is a physen doorbell? A Physen doorbell is a wireless doorbell made by Physen … Read more

Motor Circuit Protector! What It Is and the Uses.

While we use circuit breakers to protect our homes from overload and short circuits, motor circuit protectors also do the same work on electrical motors. If you want to protect your machines from unexpected breakdown, make sure your motor protection circuit breaker is working well. What is a motor circuit protector? A motor circuit protector … Read more

Ungrounded Outlets! Dangers and How to Fix It.

If you are living in an older home built before 1960, or still have some 2 prong ungrounded outlets in your house, it’s time you upgrade to meet the code requirements. Non-grounded outlets can pose serious risks in homes ranging from electrical shocks, to fire hazards and damage to electrical appliances. That is why it … Read more

GFCI outlet Keeps Tripping: Causes and How to Fix It.

Ground fault circuit interrupters protect against electric shock. If your own gfci outlet keeps tripping, read on to find out why. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) trips when it detects a ground fault, or current leakage even as little as 5mA between the hot and ground wire. When the gfci detects the leakage current, … Read more

Ground Wire Explained: The Importance & How It Works

As a homeowner, I know you have heard the electrical term ground wire, and also have them on your major appliances and outlets. But did you know their role in home electrical safety? This article will teach you all you need to know about electric earth wires, and its roles in home safety. What is an … Read more

Square D Circuit Breaker Types and Uses

Though there are many brand of circuit breakers in the market, the Square D breaker types remain the best. Square D is a product of Schneider Electric, an American company that specializes in circuit breaker manufacturing. Square D is a well-known brand that produces high-quality and reliable safety switches to protect electrical equipment and systems. This … Read more