Square D Circuit Breaker Types and Uses

Though there are many brand of circuit breakers in the market, the Square D breaker types remain the best.

Square D is a product of Schneider Electric, an American company that specializes in circuit breaker manufacturing.

Square D is a well-known brand that produces high-quality and reliable safety switches to protect electrical equipment and systems.

This article will review the different types of Square D circuit breakers, so that you will know the right one to use in your residential or commercial building.

Different Types of Square D breakers

There are three different types of Square D circuit breakers, they include: 

  • Homeline Square D breaker
  • QO breaker
  • QOB circuit breaker.

Homeline Square D breaker type

Homeline is the most common type of Square D circuit breaker available on the market. It is usually installed in residential homes with less load.

Homeline breakers are designed for normal household and light commercial use, with an amperage rating of 15 to 20 amps.

It is available in single pole pole configurations.

Square D QO breakers

The QO or plug-on circuit breaker is another greater breaker from Schneider’s electric. This breaker has more advanced features, making it more effective and expensive than homelines.

QO circuit breakers are available in single pole, double pole and triple pole to suit different appliances and equipment.

They are not interchangeable with Homeline circuit breakers, but can be interchanged with old Square D breaker panels, such as NQO and NQOD panels.

It can also be used for a QOB panel, and on a NQ panelboard.

Some features of QO circuit breakers

  • Visi-Trip indicator: This feature allows you to see if a breaker has tripped off.
  • Dual function: QO breakers offer both arc-fault and ground-fault protection.
  • Compact design: QO breakers are 3/4 inch wide. This makes them a good option for small electrical panels.

QOB circuit breaker type.

The QOB or bolt-on circuit breaker is also another quality breaker from Square D. This breaker does the same work as the square d qo however, their installation method differs.

The QO breakers have a plug on design for easy plugging into the load center, while the QOB breakers have a bolt-on design, and need to be screwed during installation.

QOB circuit breakers are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications to protect electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits.

Square D’s Homeline vs. QO Breakers

Though homelines and QO are both breakers from Square D, there are some differences. These include:

DifferencesHomelineQO Breakers
Number of PolesMade for residential use, it carries a small load.QO breakers are available in single pole, double and three pole breakers.
Visi-Trip IndicatorNo visible trip indicator to show which breaker has trippedHas a red visible trip indicator that shows which breaker has tripped.
CompatibilityNot compatible with most panels.Compatible with most electrical panels
RatingHomeline is cheaper to buy. It’s between 4 to 5 dollar.Made for residential and commercial use as it carries higher loads.
PriceHomeline is cheaper to buy. It’s between 4 to 5 dollars.More expensive. the price is between 9 to 10 dollars.

Top benefits of using square D breakers

Square D breakers by Schneider Electric are considered a good choice for the following reasons:

Reliable Performance

Schneider Electric is a reputable company known for manufacturing high-quality circuit breakers. They are built to withstand power surge for a long period of time.


Square D breakers prioritize safety by incorporating advanced features such as overload protection, short circuit, and ground fault protection in their breakers. These features help prevent electrical hazards in our homes.

Good Reputation

Schneider Electric is known for its long-standing reputation in the electrical industry. 

The industry has been manufacturing electrical equipment for over a century and has gained the trust of professionals and homeowners.

Wide Range of Options

Square D breakers come in different sizes and ampacity to serve your electrical needs. 

 Whether you need residential, commercial, or industrial breakers, they have a suitable one for you.

Easy Installation

Square D circuit breakers are easy to install, you either plug or screw it into the panelboard.

See complete details on how to install the square D circuit breaker.

Technical Support and Warranty

Schneider Electric provides excellent customer support and technical help for their products. In case of any issues or inquiries, their knowledgeable support staff can help troubleshoot and provide guidance.

Secondly, Square D breakers usually come with warranties that offer protection against manufacturing defects.

Industry Standard and Certifications

Square D breakers, adhere to rigorous industry standards and certifications. This ensures that the breakers are standard and reliable.


As you can see from this article, there are three types of square D circuit breakers, including the homelines, Square D qo, and QOB Breakers.

The homeline circuit breakers are used in homes with less load, while the QO and QOB can handle heavy appliances.

Take your time and choose the right breaker that will suit your home’s electrical needs.

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