What is an Electrical Device? See Their Examples Below.

Electrical devices refer to appliances that convert electrical energy to other forms of energy, such as light energy, heat, sound, kinetic energy, and many more.

They rely on transformed energy to drive their core parts.

Examples of electrical devices include:

What is an electronic device?

Electronic devices are components that control the flow of electrical currents for information processing and system control.

Instead of transforming electrical energy into other forms of energy, as in electrical device, electronic device manipulate those currents into doing interesting and useful things.

Examples of electronic devices

  • Amplifier
  • Computer
  • Television
  • Mobile phone
  • Microprocessor
  • Diode
  • Transistors and so forth

Difference between electronic and electrical devices

Electrical deviceElectronic device
1. Convert electrical energy to other forms of energyUse electrical energy to process information.
2. Use alternate current (AC)Use direct current (DC).
3. Work with high voltageWork with low voltage
4. Consume more power and spaceConsume less power and space.
5. Do not manipulate dataManipulates data
6. Uses aluminium and copper wires to conduct currentUses semiconductor for the transmission
7. High conductivityLow conductivity
8. More dangerous and can cause electrical hazardsLess dangerous as it uses low voltage.

What is Electrical equipment?

Electrical equipment comprises both the electrical and electronic devices, apparatus, fittings, appliances, wiring, or material used as part of or in connection with an electrical installation.

It includes a wide range of equipment, such as power switches, stockades, and electrical components.

Examples of electrical equipment

They include:

Electrical components such as

Electric powered machines like

  • washing machine
  • Cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Water heater
  • Air conditioner
  • Clothes drier
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave oven
  • Fan
  • Electric heater.
  • Printers
  • Computers.

Difference between electrical tools and equipment

The difference between electrical tools and equipment lies in their usage. But before looking at their differences, let us understand their meaning.

Electrical tools refer to the devices we use for electrical installation and repairs. It is not consumed in the work. Examples include screwdrivers, pliers, multimeters, tapes, and others.

While equipment refers to a set of tools or objects used to achieve a particular goal. Examples include transformers, computers, electric motors, etc.

The difference between electrical tools and equipment lies in their usage. Electrical tools are multipurpose and can even be used to install equipment. While equipment serves a particular purpose.

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