How to Wire a Doorbell

Maybe you bought a new doorbell and wish to install it yourself. Or you want to replace a wired doorbell with a ring video smart bell. Wiring the doorbell can be hard, mostly for first-timers. However, I will guide you on doorbell wiring, and also show you diagrams on how to wire a doorbell perfectly. … Read more

How Can I Test My Doorbell Transformer?

For you to ask how to test a doorbell transformer, it could either mean your video doorbell is not working, or you want to know the voltage of your transformer. Whichever one it is, I will show you how to test a doorbell transformer with a multimeter. For those that are still looking for their … Read more

What is an Electrical Transformer?

An electrical transformer is a machine that transfers electricity from one circuit to another via electromagnetic induction without changing the frequency. It is a vital device in the power system that links the generating stations and the users. The transformer comprises a pair of coils wound around a laminated magnetic core. The winding that supplies … Read more