What is a Four-Way Switch?

A 4-way switch is a type of electrical switch that allows you to control a ceiling light from three or more different locations. We use them in staircases, hallways, large rooms, and other places where it may be hard to run wires to a single light fixture. Four-way switches require a 3-way switch to work. … Read more

How Do You Wire a 4 Way Switch?

You can wire a 4-way switch using two pairs of 3-way switches, a four-way switch and an NM cable, or traveler wires if it is conduit wiring. But you must be familiar with 3-way switch wiring for the intermediate switch to work. To learn how to wire a 3-way light switch, visit our last tutorial. … Read more

The Complete Guide to House Electrical Wiring.

House electrical wiring is a way of connecting wires to related devices like switches, circuit breakers, sockets, distribution boards, and then linking them to a utility pole for power supply. A licensed electrician who understands electrical diagrams and safety standards does this. During installations, he considers the loads, operating voltage, and national electrical code requirements … Read more

Complete Guide on How to Earth your Home

As an electricity user, it is your duty to make sure your house is properly earthed and bonded. This is to prevent the hazardous effect of faulty current. House earthing connects the neutral wires of every outlet to the ground, and whenever there is a short circuit or power surge, it flows through the earth … Read more