How to Wire a 4-way Light Switch

In our last lesson, we learned how to wire a 3-way light switch. Today in our electrical wiring tutorial, we shall look at the 4-way switch wiring. Wiring a four-way switch is easy if you are familiar with three-way switch wiring. It is just an addition of a 4-way switch in-between the 3-way switches. Multi-way … Read more

How to Wire a 3-Way Light Switch.

A 3-way switch wiring or multi-way switching allows you to control one ceiling light from two different locations. It is the interconnection of two or more switches. Three-way switches are useful in hallways and large rooms as you can toggle ON/OFF the lights from both ends. But unlike a single-pole dimmer, installing a multi-way light … Read more

Light Switch Wiring: The Complete Guide.

Welcome to In this article, you will learn how to wire a light switch. Both single-pole, two-way, and dimmer switches. Though it is the work of licensed electricians to wire a house and electrical outlets, you can still do some simple installations such as light switch wiring. Wiring a light switch is one of … Read more

The Complete Guide on How to Wire a House.

House electrical wiring is a way of connecting wires to related devices like switches, circuit breakers, sockets, distribution boards, and then linking them to a utility pole, for power supply. A licensed electrician who understands electrical diagrams and safety standards does this. During installations, he considers the loads, operating voltage, and national electrical code requirements … Read more