What are 15 amp Breakers Used for?

A 15-amp breaker is used to protect light bulbs and small appliances from faulty electrical currents. They are common in bedrooms and living rooms, usually on a 15-amp circuit. 15A breakers work the same way as other switchgears, which are overcurrent and short circuit protection. But they protect smaller appliances. If you want to install it … Read more

20 Amp Breakers: What You Need to Know

When you need to run an electrical load, you turn to your breaker box for help. These protective devices have been around since the invention of electricity. But while they might look like a no-brain device, understanding how they work and how to choose the right breaker for the rated load can make you a … Read more

What are 30 Amp Breakers Used for?

30 amp breakers are used to protect the circuit and appliances from overload, power surge, and electrical hazards. Different appliances require a different amp of breakers for protection. And the higher the device or equipment, the higher the protective device it needs. Circuit breakers come in different ratting and amperage such as 3A, 5A, 15A, … Read more

What is a Motor Protection Circuit Breaker?

A motor circuit protector (MCP) is a type of circuit breaker used to protect electric motors from overload and short circuits. It is a protective device that offers protection to electrical equipment. Electrical motors play huge roles in electrical products as they are used to drive mechanical devices of any type, and such equipment needs … Read more

Overview of Square D QO Circuit Breaker

Just like other breakers, the square D QO breakers protect appliances from over-current and short circuits. It controls the flow of electricity and also cuts off faulty currents that can threaten the safety of the circuit. Circuit breakers come in different types and sizes, but they do similar work, which is over-current protection and prevention … Read more

What is a Molded Case Circuit Breaker?

A molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) is a type of breaker that protects electrical circuits from overcurrents arising from circuit overload, short circuits, or faulty wiring. They are almost the same as the Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) as they do the same work. However, MCCB is more advanced. It has a higher current rating of … Read more