how many outlets on a 20 amp circuit?

As a homeowner, have you ever wondered how many electrical outlets you can safely put on your 20 amp circuit? Circuit breakers are protective devices in our homes and don’t need to be overloaded. If you plug more appliances on a circuit than rated, it can cause overload and electrical fire. The maximum outlet a … Read more

Eaton Cutler Hammer Breakers

When it comes to electrical circuit protection, the cutler hammer breakers are a well-known brand in circuit breaker industry.  These circuit breakers, from Eaton Corporation, have gained much popularity among professionals and homeowners. They are designed to protect electrical circuits from overload and short circuits, preventing the dangers of electrical fire. What are Cutler Hammer … Read more

Square D Circuit Breaker Types and Uses

Though there are many brand of circuit breakers in the market, the square D breaker types remain the best. Square D is a product of Schneider Electric, an American company that specializes in circuit breaker manufacturing. Square D is a well-known brand that produces high-quality and reliable safety switches to protect electrical equipment and systems. This … Read more

What Size Wire for 200 Amp Service?

When it comes to electrical wiring, using the right size wire is crucial. The size of wire you use determines the amount of current it can safely handle.  If you are looking to install a 200 amp service wire or breaker in your home, the minimum size of wire you will need is 4/0 awg … Read more