GFCI Won’t reset, 7 Causes and How to Fix it.

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) trips when there is leakage of current. If your GFCI won’t reset after tripping, it could be because: However, if the GFCI trips every time you reset it, there may be a ground fault along the branch circuit. This will require a qualified electrician for troubleshooting and repairs. GFCI … Read more

What is a 15-amp Circuit Breaker Used for?

A 15 amp breaker is used to protect light bulbs and small appliances from faulty electrical currents. They are common in bedrooms and living rooms, usually on a 15-amp circuit. 15 Amp circuit breakers protect smaller appliances from overcurrent and short circuits. If you want to install the device in your home, make sure you know … Read more