Square D BDL36100 Powerpact Molded Case Circuit Breaker

BDL36100 is a Square D powerpact circuit breaker used in various electrical systems and installations. It is used to provide thermal and magnetic circuit protection.  BDL36100 comes with a 3 pole, 100 current rating and a breaking capacity of 14kA at 600Y/347VAC.  It has a continuous current rating of 80%, and also complies with UL, … Read more

What is an Oil Circuit Breaker? Find out now!

An oil circuit breaker is a type of breaker that uses oil as an insulation medium for arc extinction. It is an essential device in the power system that uses insulating oil as an arc quenching medium. Oil circuit breakers use fixed and moving contacts for circuit protection in both substations and transformers Each time … Read more

What are the Different Types of Circuit Breakers?

Though we have different types of circuit breakers, they all protect electrical devices and equipment. Circuit breakers protect electrical equipment from short circuits, over-currents, fire outbreaks, electric shocks and ground faults. It is a must-have device for every homeowner as required by the National Electrical Code. Circuit breakers come in varying sizes and models, ranging … Read more

What Size Wire for 200 Amp Service?

When it comes to electrical wiring, using the right size wire is crucial. The size of wire you use determines the amount of current it can safely handle.  If you are looking to install a 200 amp service wire or breaker in your home, the minimum size of wire you will need is 4/0 awg … Read more

What Size Wire Do I Need for a 50 Amp Breaker?

The normal wire size for a 50 amp circuit breaker is 6 AWG copper wire. If you are using aluminum wire, it will require a 4 gauge wire size. Using the wrong wire size may affect the safety of your electrical system. Wire sizing is one of the skill that differentiates real electricians from quacks. … Read more

60 Amp Wire Size: Breaker Wire Sizing Guide

Curious to know the 60 amp wire size? This article will put you through. A 60 amp breaker will require a 4 AWG copper wire or 3 AWG aluminum wire to work properly. Therefore, it is important to master the basics of wire sizing, whether you are an electrician or diy to ensure maximum protection … Read more

How to Install a GFCI Outlet in your Bathroom and Kitchen

Maybe you want to replace or install a new gfci outlet in your bathroom or kitchen. Wiring a gfci receptacle is an easy task for electricians and diy lovers with wiring experience. However, you must meet all safety standards and the national electrical code requirement to keep your bathroom safe. In this blog post, I … Read more

What are the Differences Between Circuit Breaker and GFCIs?

Circuit breakers and GFCI outlets are two safety or protective devices designed to prevent electrical hazards in your homes. While they have some similarities, they serve different purposes and operate in different ways. Understanding the difference between gfci and a circuit breaker can help you choose the right safety switch for your electrical system. Ensuring … Read more

Overview of Square D QO Circuit Breaker from Schneider Electric

When it comes to electrical circuit protection, the square D QO breakers have always been the best. The breaker protects electrical appliances from overload and short circuits. It also controls the flow of electricity and interrupts faulty currents that can threaten the safety of your homes. If you are looking for a quality circuit breaker … Read more