What Size Wire for 200 Amp Service?

When it comes to electrical wiring, using the right size wire is crucial. The size of wire you use determines the amount of current it can safely handle.  If you are looking to install a 200 amp service wire or breaker in your home, the minimum size of wire you will need is 4/0 awg … Read more

50 Amp Wire Size

A 50 amp circuit breaker will require a 6 AWG copper wire to perform. But if you are using aluminum wire, it will require a 4 gauge wire size. Using the wrong wire size may affect the safety of your electrical system. Wire sizing is one of the skill that differentiates real electricians from quacks. … Read more

How to wire a Circuit Breaker Box

Welcome to mariaelectricals.com. In this article, you will learn how to wire a breaker box.  Wiring a breaker panel is the work of a professional electrician, and never a DIY project. This is because the board serves as a hub where incoming power is distributed to the branch circuits in your house. Such work requires … Read more