How to Change a Circuit Breaker That Has Gone Bad

When a circuit breaker trips regularly with little or no load, users suspect a bad breaker. While this may be possible, it is not always true. An electrical panel can trip because of circuit overload, ground faults, over-currents, short circuits and other minor faults. Before you consider replacing your breaker box, always consult a licensed … Read more

Doorbell Ringer, or Ring Doorbell, How It Works and Their Installation Guide

If you’re the type that doesn’t joke with home security, consider installing a ring doorbell. Although it is the cheapest among the ring video products, the doorbell ringer has outstanding features that make it the best. Features of a doorbell ringer (ring doorbell)  If you’re considering the Ring Video Doorbell, here are their features. 720p … Read more

Doorbell Types

A doorbell is a signalling device comprising a transformer, chime and a push button. It is a security device that signals us with the presence of a visitor. When a visitor presses the push button, the chime rings inside the house to inform you that someone is around. In 1817, a Scottish inventor, William Murdoch, invented … Read more

How to Wire a Doorbell

Maybe you bought a new doorbell and wish to install it yourself. Or you want to replace a wired doorbell with a ring video smart bell. Wiring the doorbell can be hard, mostly for first-timers. However, I will guide you on doorbell wiring, and also show you diagrams on how to wire a doorbell perfectly. … Read more

How Can I Test My Doorbell Transformer?

For you to ask how to test a doorbell transformer, it could either mean your video doorbell is not working, or you want to know the voltage of your transformer. Whichever one it is, I will show you how to test a doorbell transformer with a multimeter. For those that are still looking for their … Read more

What is an Electrical Transformer?

An electrical transformer is a machine that transfers electricity from one circuit to another via electromagnetic induction without changing the frequency. It is a vital device in the power system that links the generating stations and the users. The transformer comprises a pair of coils wound around a laminated magnetic core. The winding that supplies … Read more

Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

A molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) is a type of breaker that protects electrical circuits from overcurrents arising from circuit overload, short circuits, or faulty wiring. They are almost the same as the Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) as they do the same work. However, MCCB is more advanced. It has a higher current rating of … Read more

What is a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)?

A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is an automatic switch that protects an electrical circuit from over-currents. The term over-current refers to a faulty current that arises from short circuit, faulty wiring, and circuit overload. Just like an electric fuse, a miniature circuit breaker does the same work of protecting electrical appliances from damage. However, they … Read more