Physen Wireless Doorbell: Installation methods and how to pair the Bell Chime

While some people install video doorbells in their homes, others prefer non-video doorbells. If you’re the type that wants a wireless, non-video doorbell that can withstand any cold or harsh weather, go for a physen doorbell. Physen Doorbell is a wireless bell designed to give you the best home security. It is a battery-operated bell … Read more

Electrical Safety Test, Importance, and Types.

In a way to reduce electrical shock and other hazards, electrical installations undergo safety tests. This is to ensure they conform to the safety standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The body recommends electrical testing on products and homes that use electricity, to make sure they are safe. Some of the recommended tests include: … Read more

Electrical Equipment and How It Differs From Tools

Electrical equipment includes any device, apparatus, fittings, appliances, wiring, or material used as part of or in connection with an electrical installation. It includes a wide range of equipment such as powers, switches, stockades, and electrical components. Examples of electrical equipment They include: Electrical components such as Transformers Switches Isolators Fuses Circuit breakers Electric motors … Read more

Crimp Pliers Buying Guide Plus How to Use It.

As an electrician, DIY or a network engineer, you need a crimping tool in your toolbox. It is a compression tool used in electrical connection and cable crimping. A crimp tool helps you join two network cables, or a wire and a connector. When a wire is joined to a connector such as a lug, … Read more

Complete Overview of Pressure Washing Machine. Find out the Best 7 Power Washers of 2022

If you are like me that hates scrubbing with bare hands, it’s time you get a pressure washer to clean the debris. The power washer, also called a pressure washing machine, has some powerful equipment that makes cleaning job easier, faster and cleaner. They are of two types, the electric pressure washer and gas pressure … Read more

Career Paths for Electricians fully Explained: Make your Choice Now

Maybe you want to learn electrical work but don’t know the trade to pick. Choosing electrician career paths is always confusing, mostly for newbies. But as an expert in electrical installations, I will make sure I guide you into choosing the best electrical trade. Becoming an electrician requires a diploma qualification or its equivalent, and … Read more