E26 Bulb: All You Need to Know About the Medium Base Light Bulb.

As an electricity user, you might have heard about an E26 bulb when buying a new bulb. But do you know how it came about? This article will reveal everything you need to know about the e26 light bulb. Keep reading!

What is an E26 bulb?

An E26 bulb, also known as the medium Edison screw (MES) is a type of light bulb with an Edison screw base.

The name was given to the bulb because of its threaded base that resembles the screw used in Edison’s original incandescent bulbs.

The letter “E” stands for Edison, and the number “26” refers to the diameter of the base in millimeters. 

E26 bulbs are the most common type of light bulb used in residential and commercial homes. They are available in various types and watts, such as incandescent, halogen, CFL, and LED light bulbs.

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Halogens
  • LED bulbs

Types of E26 Bulbs

There are so many types of e26 bulbs in the market today and they include all the bulbs with an Edison base and a diameter of 26″. These bulbs can be in the form of:


This is the oldest, cheapest and least efficient type of light bulb you can get in the market. It produces light by heating the filament in the bulb.

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Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)

Fluorescents are more efficient and durable than incandescent bulbs, but they contain mercury, which can cause harmful effects.

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 Halogen bulbs are like incandescent bulbs but have a longer lifespan and also produce brighter light. They are mostly used in task lighting and outdoor fixtures.

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LED Bulbs 

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are the most energy-efficient light bulb available in the market. It has a longer lifespan, consumes less electricity, and also offers various color temperatures and dimming options.

It is the most expensive and the best light bulb for your home lighting.

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Applications and use of e26 light bulbs

E26 is one of the most used lamp bases in North America, Japan, and other countries that use 120V AC.

They are often used on the base incandescent lamps, fluorescent, halogens, and LED lamps.

These bulbs are commonly used on ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps and outdoor lights.   

Advantages of using E26 light bulbs

The advantages are:

  • It is very common, and you can easily find and replace damaged ones.
  • It is available in different types and sizes, so you can find the perfect bulb for your lamp base or holder.


  • Incandescent bulbs are not efficient and can waste a lot of energy.
  • Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury substances, which are harmful.
  • LED bulbs can be more expensive than other types of light bulbs.

Factors to consider when choosing an E26 light bulb.

When it comes to lighting up your home, choosing the right bulb is important. The E26 light bulb, also known as the standard Edison screw bulb, is a popular choice for residential and commercial lighting fixtures. 

With so many options available in the market, it’s important to consider these factors before making your purchase.

  1. Brightness: Determine the level of brightness you need before buying one. E26 light bulbs come in a variety of wattages, which directly affect the lumen output. The higher the watts, the higher the brightness.
  2. Energy efficiency: Consider choosing an LED or CFL medium base bulb to save energy. These bulbs consume less energy and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs.
  3. Dimmable or Non-dimmable: Determine if you need dimmable bulbs for your lighting setup. Not all E26 bulbs are dimmable, so be sure to check the product specifications before buying.
  4. Light bulb Shape and Size: Consider the shape and size of the bulb to ensure it fits properly into the bulb socket. E26 bulbs come in various shapes. Make sure you choose the one that is suitable for the lighting applications.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is E26 the same as A19?

Yes, the two bulbs are interchangeable. The only difference between them is their size and shape.

A19 bulbs have an E26 base and will fit into sockets made for Edison bulbs.  


E26 light bulbs are a versatile lighting option that can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you need to lighten up your home, office, or outdoor space, there is an E26 medium bulb to meet your needs.

From traditional incandescent bulbs to energy saving LED bulbs, you have plenty of choices to choose from.

Also, consider factors such as wattage and lifespan when making your decision. By understanding the different types of E26 bulbs and their uses, you can make an informed choice and create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any space.

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