Dimmable LED Flash: How to Fix a Flickering Light Bulb

While the use of dimmable LED lights has saved energy and cost of electricity bills, it sometimes flashes or flickers when you try to dim them.

Dimmable led flash can be annoying, especially when you want to set the perfect lighting ambiance in your room.

So it is important to know why your led light flickers and how to fix it.

The first time I had a flickering light in my home, I replaced the bulb, but the flashing continues until I find and fix the cause.

In this article, I will show you the most common causes of led flashing and how to fix it.

Causes of dimmable led flash

There are so many factors that can cause your led lights to flicker, these include:

Non-dimmable led bulb

Your led light could flash or flicker because you used the wrong type of led. Not all the bulbs are dimmable.

If you intend to buy a dimmable led product, make sure they write it on the package before you buy it.

Old dimmer bulb

An old or faulty led bulb can also cause your light to flash. If the bulb is nearing the end of its life span, it may cause the led light to flicker.

To fix this issue, replace all the flickering bulbs with new led lamps.

Incompatible dimmer switch

Incompatible dimmer switch may cause your led light to flash. If you are changing from incandescent light bulbs to led dimmer, it is also advisable to change the light switch.

Most of the old dimmers are leading-edge technology types with a high minimum load, made for incandescent and halogen bulbs.

If you are using the old switch with the new led lights, it may not be compatible and may cause light flickering or flashing.

Loose wiring

Loose connections in the circuit system may be the reason your led light is flickering. This may comprise outdated wiring, corroded wires, damaged wiring, and others.

Loose wiring can occur anywhere in the house, including behind circuit breakers, light fixtures, wall switches, worn connectors, and this can cause the flickering of led light bulbs.

Using too many led bulbs on one circuit

Dimmer switches have a range of bulbs it can carry. If you try to use more leds than specified, the switch will overload, leading to a dimmable leds flash.

The minimum and maximum load the switch can carry is usually written on the package. Make sure you comply with the instructions.

LED driver may be too small

Led dimmable transformers (drivers) usually come in different sizes for different loads. Always confirm the number of bulbs you will have before buying the driver.

Note: The total wattage of all the bulbs should never exceed 80% of the transformers wattage for a longer life span.

Low quality led products

If your led bulb or dimmer switch is of low quality, it may cause your led bulb to flash. Many untested bulbs and switches are shipped into the market daily at a lower price.

These low-quality products may trigger light flickering. It is advisable to always go for quality products to avoid flickering.

Effects of flickering light

Led bulb flickering comes with many effects, such as

  • Reduced lifespan of the LED bulb: If an LED bulb is subjected to frequent flashing, it can shorten its lifespan. This is because the constant fluctuations in power can cause the diodes to overheat and burn out faster than they would under normal conditions.
  • Annoyance and discomfort: Flickering LED lights can be annoying and uncomfortable for people, especially those who are sensitive to lights. This can also be a safety hazard for individuals who are operating machines.
  • Inefficient energy usage: LED bulbs are meant to be energy efficient, but when they flicker, they use more energy than they would if they were stable. This is because the fluctuations in power can cause the lights to draw more power than they need to operate.
  • Interference with electronic devices: Flickering lights can interfere with electronic devices such as radios, televisions, and computers. This is because fluctuations in power can create electromagnetic interference that disrupts the signals of these devices.

How to fix a dimmable LED light that is flickering or strobing

LED light flickering can be caused by several factors, such as wiring problems, low-quality products, non-dimmable bulbs, compatibility issues and others. Here are some ways to resolve it.

Make sure your dimmer switch is compatible with the dim led bulb

Some dimmer switches are not compatible with LED bulbs and can cause flickering. If your own is not compatible, replace it with a normal one to avoid flashing problems.

Check for loose connections

 Loose connections in the wiring system can lead to short circuit, causing your bulb to flicker. Check for loose connections and tighten any loose wires.

Check the wattage

LED lights have a lower wattage than traditional incandescent bulbs. If the dimmer switch is designed for higher wattage bulbs, it can cause flickering.

Check the wattage of the LED lights and replace the dimmer switch if necessary.

Use quality LED bulbs

Low quality LED bulbs can cause flickering. Use high-quality bulbs from a reputable brand.

Call an electrician

 If you are unsure about the cause of the flickering or are uncomfortable working with electrical wiring, it is best to consult a licensed electrician. They can identify the issue and provide a safe and effective solution.

For more information on how to resolve led flashing problems, watch this video.


Dimmable led bulbs are energy saving bulbs suitable for every home. If you experience a dimmable led flash, know that something is wrong along the circuit.

  • Make sure that your wiring system is up to date and tightly connected.
  • Upgrade any outdated material, such as the bulbs, switches, and make sure they are compatible before turning on the power supply.

By following these tips, your dimmable led bulbs will stay bright without flashing.

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