LED Ceiling Lights Fixtures for your Home.

As more people embrace led ceiling lights, I know you won’t be left out. Led products have many advantages over regular bulbs.

It saves money and energy; it is also durable and more friendly to the environment. You will be missing some benefits if you are not using LED bulbs.

In this article, I will enlighten you on the benefits of LED’s over incandescent, and why you should embrace the modern bulb.

What are LED ceiling lights?

LED (Light-emitting diode) are the type of electrical bulbs that use led technology to provide bright illumination to your home, using a fraction of energy used by regular bulbs.
Leds come in different types and colors to fit into your rooms, outdoors, patio and other places. These include:

Pendant lights

A pendant, also called a suspender, or a drop, is a lone light that hangs from the ceiling, either with a cord, chain, or metal rod.

They hang in multiples and on a straight line, either in the kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom, or other places.

Pendant lights come in unique sizes and qualities. They also use halogen bulbs, which makes them save energy.

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Chandeliers are modern light fixtures suitable for your living room, bedroom, dining, or kitchen. It is a quality light fitting with a sharp brightness and superb design.

Chandeliers come with led bulbs and lamp holders where you can fix any other bulb of your choice.

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Flush mount ceiling light

This light fixture is available in different sizes and colours, and is the perfect option for your bedroom, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and other places.

Flush mounts are dimmable, and you can customize their brightness to your desired mood. It is easy to install as it comes with a direct wire and an installation guide.

They have a long life span of about 50000 hours and also come with a led bulb that saves about 82% energy compared to traditional bulbs.

With 15W, it produces 1050 lumen which can cover any location.

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Surface mount ceiling light.

Surface mount is one of the best modern bulbs available on the market. Made with plastic and metal, the bulb has a low profile energy saving property.

It is easy to install, has smooth dimming, and about five years warranty (50,000 hours of led life).

Surface mount lights are ideal for entrances, living rooms, kitchens, outdoors, bathrooms, and other places.

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Recessed light fixtures

This is one of the led modern lights you can install into a small hollow opening in the ceiling. It is a non-flickering light that produces much brightness.

Recessed lights are 5 to 100% dimmable, and come with a 5-year warranty. They are IC-rated and are suitable for living rooms, and even damp locations.

Recessed lights are easy to install. They also come with special technical support, such as complete product details, test reports, user manuals, certifications, and installation guides.

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Semi-flush mount

This light is like flush mount fixtures, the only difference is that flush mounts don’t have any space between the ceiling and light, while semi-flush has some spaces.

It is only suitable for indoors.

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how to install led ceiling lights

Led light installation is easy. The light comes in a long reel with an adhesive backing so you can attach them in a place. All you will do is remove the adhesive cover and stick the light on the area of the ceiling you want.

Things to consider before buying a led lighting fixture.

Before buying a led light bulb, there are certain things to consider. They include:


Size is one of the important factors to consider before buying a led light. Led light comes either in a rectangular or circular shape.

Rectangular ones usually have lengths ranging from 50 to 80 inches, while the circular is about 15 inches. The larger the length or size of the light, the greater the light.


Although a led bulb is always bright, you may need a light that is bright enough. If that is what you want, consider buying a bulb with higher wattage.

Led bulbs come in various wattages ranging from 15 to 100 and above. Choose to accord to your needs.


Apart from wattage rating, most LED lights also have a brightness rating. The rating is given in terms of lumens where a higher lumen rating shows the brighter output.

Examples include 3000 lumens, 5000 lumens, and even 8000 lumens.


While most led lights are durable, you can still check the warranty to see how long they will last.

Most ceiling lights have a warranty of five years and above.

Advantages of LED bulbs over incandescent 

LED lighting offers many benefits to homeowners, and commercial businesses that want to reduce their cost and energy usage.

Their advantages include:

  • A longer life span of about five years.
  • Saves energy and money.
  • Does not produce heat or UV emission.
  • More friendly to the environment.
  • It can withstand a cold environment
  • It can operate with low voltage
  • Ability to withstand constant switching
  • Dimming capabilities.

That’s it, I hope the article helps.

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