Electrical Testing Equipment for Home and Project Inspection

In a way, to reduce electrical hazards in our homes and workplace, electrical products undergo safety tests. This is to make sure they are safe and reliable for public use. Electrical testing involves using a test equipment to compare the rating of a product with the required standard. A technician or an experienced electrician does … Read more

Electrical Testing for Home, Industrial and Commercial Buildings

To ensure that electrical appliances are safe and reliable, they pass through electrical testing. This is to ensure they conform to the safety standards as required by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The body recommends electrical testing on products and homes that use electricity. What is Electrical Testing? Electrical testing involves applying voltage to an … Read more

What is an Electrical Device? See Their Examples Below.

Electrical devices refer to appliances that convert electrical energy to other forms of energy, such as light energy, heat, sound, kinetic energy, and many more. They rely on transformed energy to drive their core parts. Examples of electrical devices include: What is an electronic device? Electronic devices are components that control the flow of electrical … Read more

The Best Crimping Tool for All Your DIY Projects

As an electrician, DIY, or a telecom engineer, you already know the importance of having a crimping tool in your toolbox. It helps to join two network cables, or a wire and a connector. When a wire is joined to a connector such as a lug, it is called a crimp. Crimping tools come in … Read more

What is the Best Pressure Washer for 2024?

You may need a pressure washer, but don’t know the right one to buy. Pressure washers come in two categories: the gas model, and electric powered pressure washers. They make cleaning work easier and faster, both the interior and exterior of your home. Mariaelectricals.com has used and tested many pressure washer models, such as Ryobi … Read more

Electrician Career Paths Explained: Check out for Options Now

You might want to learn electrical work but don’t know the trade to choose. Becoming an electrician requires a high school diploma qualification or its equivalent, and a four to five-year apprenticeship program to learn the job. A successful apprentice receives an electrician license after the training program to become a qualified electrician. However, it … Read more

Commercial Electrician Job Description and Salary Outlook

In electrical work, there are so many career paths. These include industrial, residential, commercial electrician and others. But in this article, we shall focus on commercial electrical trade. Who is a commercial electrician? A commercial electrician is a trained and certified person who offers electrical services in commercial buildings. Unlike residential electricians that work in … Read more

Power tools and How to Use Them

As a craftworker, be it an electrician, masonry, carpenter, or trimmers, there are some basic electrical tools that can help you work better and faster in your jobsite. These tools are called power tools. What are the power tools? Power tools are machines that work with an external power source other than our hand or … Read more

Electrical Tools and How to Use and Maintain Them

Electrical tools are devices electricians use to install, repair, and troubleshoot electrical faults. They include screwdrivers, wire testers, hammers, multimeters, wire strippers, tape measures, fishing tapes, utility knives, crimp tools, and others. They can either be hand tools or power tools. One should be careful not to assume that tools and materials mean the same, … Read more

What is Electrical Earthing or Grounding?

Electrical earthing is the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electrical energy to the earth through a low resistance wire. It is done by connecting the neutral points of an electrical system, such as the earth terminals of socket cables to the earth plate, usually buried in the ground. Grounding helps prevent electrocution whenever … Read more