What is an SF6 Circuit Breaker?

An SF6 circuit breaker is a device that uses sulphur hexafluoride gas as an arc quenching medium. It is the type of circuit breaker used to protect power systems, electrical grids, and distribution stations. SF6 gas has strong electronegativity and arc quenching properties, making them a better insulating medium than air and oil circuit breakers. … Read more

How to Tell If a Circuit Breaker is Bad

Maybe your circuit breaker trips always and you want to know if the device has gone bad! A breaker can go bad, but rarely. A tripping breaker can be a warning sign of overload, short circuits, wrong wiring, ground faults, and a bad breaker. You need to find out what is tripping the receptacle before … Read more

What are the Different Types of Circuit Breakers?

Though we have different types of circuit breakers, they all protect electrical devices. Circuit breakers protect electrical equipment from short circuits, over-currents, fire outbreaks, electric shocks and ground faults. It is a must-have receptacle for every homeowner as required by the National Electrical Code. Circuit breakers come in varying sizes and models, ranging from the … Read more

Circuit Breaker Overview: Types and How it Works.

Most times, when there is a power surge or circuit overload, the circuit breaker trips to prevent hazards. Circuit breakers play some protective roles in our power system, ranging from circuit protection to shield from electric shock. It is a must-have relay in our homes. In this article, we will learn about electrical circuit breakers, … Read more