Water Heater Keeps Tripping the Circuit Breaker: Issue Fixed.

Circuit breakers are designed to protect your circuits and appliances from overload, short circuits and faulty currents. If your water heater is tripping breaker, there may be a problem either with your water heater, the wiring system or your circuit breaker. Water heaters use more energy than most appliances, and are required to be on … Read more

Shunt Trip Breaker: How It Works to Trip a Circuit Breaker.

While circuit breakers protect appliances from power surges, shunt trip breakers add more protection to our electrical system and equipment. If you are looking to add additional protection to your home circuit, or even trip your breaker remotely from your comfort zone, why not shop for a shunt trip circuit breaker? What is a shunt … Read more

15 Amp Breakers: How Many Outlets Can It Handle?

We all know that 15 amp breakers are used to protect light bulbs and small appliances from short circuits and power surge. But do you know how many outlets a 15 amp breaker can safely handle? Well, a 15-amp circuit breaker can safely handle 8 outlets. Though you may still plug in more, the rule … Read more

Overview of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI Outlet)

Ever since introducing the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI outlet) in 1973, deaths from electrical shock have reduced by 83%. What is the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI outlet) used for? A GFCI is a safety device used to protect human beings from electric shock. It is a fast-acting circuit breaker that cuts off the … Read more

How to Tell If a Circuit Breaker is Bad

Maybe your breaker trips always and you want to know if the circuit breaker has gone bad! A breaker can go bad, but not always. A tripping breaker can be a warning sign of overload, short circuits, wrong wiring, ground faults, or a bad breaker. You will need to find out what is tripping the … Read more

20 Amp Circuit Breaker: Everything You Need to Know.

Each time you need to run an electrical load, you turn to your 20 amp breaker for help. These protective devices have been around since the invention of electricity. But while they might look like a no-brain device, understanding how the device works and how to choose a compatible breaker for a rated load makes … Read more

Circuit Breaker Overview: Types and How it Works.

Most times, when there is a power surge or circuit overload, the circuit breaker trips to prevent electrical hazards. Circuit breakers play some protective roles in our power system, ranging from circuit protection to shield from electric shock. It is a must-have device in our homes. In this article, you will learn everything about electrical … Read more