Ring Doorbell: How It Works and How to Install the App

With the increase in the number of burglars and porch pirates, you have no reason to joke with home security. When it comes to monitoring the events at your front door, even while away, the ring video doorbell has been our favourite. Ring doorbell is an internet connected smart bell that signals the smartphone of … Read more

Doorbell Overview: Wired, Wireless and Smart video doorbells.

A doorbell is a signalling device comprising a transformer, chime and a push button. It is a security device that signals users when a visitor is at the front door. When the visitor presses the push button, the chime rings inside the house to alert users. In 1817, a Scottish inventor, William Murdoch, invented the first … Read more

How to Wire a Doorbell with Diagrams

With the beneficial role of doorbells to home security, every homeowner wants to have it at the front door. If you bought a new smart bell and wish to set it up, or you want to replace an existing doorbell with a new one like a ring video doorbell. Wiring the doorbell can be hard, … Read more

How to Find and Test a Doorbell Transformer.

Maybe your doorbell is not working or you want to upgrade it to a ring smart pro or nest doorbell. Locating your doorbell transformer is not always easy. But as a doorbell expert, I will guide you on how to find a doorbell transformer location easily. A doorbell transformer is an electrical machine that steps … Read more

What is an Electrical Transformer?

An electrical transformer is a machine that transfers electricity from one circuit to another via electromagnetic induction without changing the frequency. It is a vital device in the power system that links the generating stations and the users. The transformer comprises a pair of coils wound around a laminated magnetic core. The winding that supplies … Read more

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB): How It Works, Rating & Types.

A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is an automatic switch that protects an electrical circuit from overcurrents or power surge. The term overcurrent refers to a faulty current that arises from short circuits, faulty wiring, and circuit overload. Both fuse and miniature circuit breakers protect electrical equipment from damage. However, MCBs are more advanced. Miniature circuit … Read more

Oil Circuit Breaker Types and How to Maintain Them

Oil circuit breakers are a protective device that uses oil as an insulation medium for arc extinction. It is one of the oldest breakers that has its contacts inside the oil. The switchgear has fixed and moving contact, which helps in circuit protection, both in substations and in transformers Each time there is a faulty … Read more